Advantages of using FILLER MASTERBATCH in BLOWING FILM Process

CaCO3 Filler masterbatch is a compound of calcium carbonate powder and functional additives, based on polymer carrier resin. It has been using widely recently because of its benefits in terms of economic aspect and products’ properties. One of the most popular applications of filler masterbatch is film blowing as CaCO3 filler is the optimal solution to cut down production cost and increase the properties of the plastic film.

  1. Cut down production cost

Production cost reduction is known as the most important benefit of CaCO3 filler masterbatch in film blowing. The filler keeps the cost down by replacing a part of virgin polymer with CACO3 powder, increasing the volumetric output of the final products.

  1. Increase productivity

First, productivity improvement in film blowing application is shown in the increase in volumetric output. The ability to achieve increased volumetric outputs with the addition of calcium carbonate is the result of higher thermal conductivity and volumetric expansion with respect to temperature. Many studies notice that the increase in calcium carbonate proportion in blown film causes a decrease in both drive amperage and head pressure, which allows the processor to increase the screw speed to previous amperage /pressure levels.

Second, productivity improvement is also achieved by lengthening run times between shutdowns for cleaning due to the mild scrubbing action of the calcium carbonate particles in the filler masterbatch. CaCO3 powder in filler masterbatch is well processed to remove impurities, fine ground stearic acid treated calcium carbonate.

Third, mixing filler masterbatch with neat resin provides for a faster melting and higher melt densities, which allows more materials to move down the screw, therefore, increase the production output.

  1. Impact strength (toughness)

This property of filler masterbatch is the result of the change in morphology of the plastic resin around the calcium carbonate particles. Improved impact performance of resin – mineral composite systems provides higher dart impact at the same gauge, or equivalent performance at a reduced gauge.