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As we know that almost PP Woven Bag manufacturers are using FILLER MASTERBATCH as one of most important materials in producing 25 kg PP Woven Bag / FIBC Bag.

What is exactly the benefit of using FILLER MASERBATCH and how to evaluate the profit that you could get when using this material ?

1. Reducing manufacturing cost :

This is the most important benefit of using FILLER MASTERBATCH . This material will replace a part of Virgin Resin ( Some times, We could replace 40-50% Virgin Resin by FILLER MASTERBATCH ) as a result you will get a big profit in your pocket.

2. Increasing Strength of your PP Woven Bag :

In FILLER MASTERBATCH , we add some additive to increase the Elasticity when you process with Virgin Resin and this also support you to negate all problems that occurs in manufacturing PP Woven Bag/FIBC Bag.

3. Increasing the Printability of PP Woven Bag :

After process the final PP Woven Bag , almost your partners will ask you to print their brand name in the PP Woven Bag. By mixing FILLER MASTERBATCH , the printability of your PP Woven Bag will be improved .

4. Increasing output, improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products.