There are a lot of countries are banned on plastic to protect the environment. So people are finding the solution for this issue. They are looking forward to a product that can help to biodegrade plastic in a mean time.

Biodegradable Masterbatch contains P-life, a unique catalyst blend that has been tested and proven to comply with ISO14855. All the ingredients of P-Life are complied with FDA and EU rohs Directive. You can see more detail and function of P-life in attachment

Bio Masterbatch is an intermediate product that makes polyolefin biodegradable from 3-6 months and will biodegrade totally in soil in 1-2 years. So it’s absolutely used for banned on plastic country and non-toxic with environment.  This product is accepted and appeared in many countries like Kenya, France, Japan,….

It is used for polymers: Polyethylene and polypropylene (PE & PP) : BIO blowing film, BIO blow molding, BIO injection molding... especially disposable, goods, bags in super market,…..


  • Films and Sheets applications : 0.5 – 1.5 %,
  • Injection molding applications : 2 – 4%.

The higher mixing ratio is, the faster polymer will be biodegraded. So you can adjust depend on your demand and the conditions that your product be in. The speed of biodegradation will depend on the weather conditions and moisture also.

Packaging :

25 KG PE/PP BAGS with an inner PP layer. Keep in dry condition, not effect to quality and moisture. Shipping with pallet.

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